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About is an independent Internet radio station featuring psychedelic music,ambient music, spiritual teachings, guided meditations, talk shows and documentaries.

Listen to psytrance on Psychedelic Radio, chill-out with chill-out music on Ambient Radio and open your third eye with your favorite guru on Global Awakening Radio. broadcasts from India and USA.

We currently operate three Internet radio channels :


Global Awakening Radio:

Awaken your third eye with the secrets of spiritual gurus on Global Awakening Radio.


Psychedelic Radio:

Take a trip on the wild side and tap into higher consciousness with psychedelic radio.


Listen to WAV files mixed by top DJs around the globe.


Ambient Radio:

Chill out and relax your senses with ambient radio. Radio sometimes streams content that talks about psychedelic substances :

Keep in mind that psychedelic substances can be dangerous and anything you hear or read on should be used only as a reference. Radio does not condone the use of legal or illegal drugs.